Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So Vivian mentioned that the blog was hard to read in white text on a black background. I don't know. I grew up typing DOS commands and playing hours of text-based adventure games in just such an environment. I thought it looked pretty cool, personally. But I also think text-based adventure games are cool, so...

I opted to follow the lady's advice on this one. The format might go through a few changes as I try out different themes to see what I like. But I'm really not concerned too much about the page design. If it's comfortable for you, that's all that matters. Want bigger text? I can do it. Want it all in navy blue? Easily done. If any of you have thoughts on something snazzy then feel free to let me know. I don't really have to look at this page at all since I only come here to post what was written in another program. Who knows what kind of dust gathers when I'm away.

Otherwise, the main reason I'm writing now is because of the response I got for Rope Bridge. It was really wonderful. Besides a lot of comments on this site and Facebook, I additionally received several personal messages from people that enjoyed the piece probably much more than they probably should have. So from the same chapter of my life I've started writing another piece. The next one won't have the metaphorical slant to it, though I did enjoy that quite a bit. But I have a few stories that I can tell about my time on the island that might be interesting anyway. We'll find out, I suppose.

Since I was out of school last week I had a lot of hours for writing, so I was able to update the blog every day. I won't be able to do anything close to that right now, but I will begin the new series soon. Hopefully it will be before the end of the week. (This new one is shaping up to be quite long. So I'll break it up into episodes just like the last one.)

So that's it. Thanks again to all of you who asked me to keep writing. In response, well, that's what I'll do.


  1. I think the black and white are both nice. The simplicity of the layout is what I tend to notice most and yours is nice and neat. The only thing I didn't like was the spelling of the word program. You spelled it "progrem." Maybe it's a Swedish thing but my advice is out with the e and in with the a. Thanks for keeping our best interests in mind. :)

  2. Now that's good feedback. You keep it coming until every misused vowall gats rapeyrad.

  3. Oh look at that! I didn't mean you should change it, I just explained it took longer for my (then) tired eyes to read it compared to the lighter blog I had been reading before that, because it was bright white on black. But I like this. Remember, if readers like me make that kind of comment, you could always just tell them to copy the text, paste it in to a word editor and do whatever the hell they want with it. =) (reader tip: it will look like you're working, as opposed to surfing the web).

    I'm glad you'll keep writing. In whatever color, just keep shaping, making and baking stuff like that. I'll eat it.

  4. whipped! just kidding. anywho, all this time writing and my pen pal hasn't written me once! what's up with that??! well, i guess it's not all about me. miss you kiddo. i look forward to catching up on your blogs and seeing what else you have in store. mine are not quite so eloquent. mostly rants about douche-bags...and my own douche-baggery. hugs!


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