Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swedish art

So we had a visit to Norrköping's art museum last week for school. It's a fine museum. I was surprised to learn that the most prestigious works of art in Sweden's possession live only 3 blocks from my house. Not even Stockholm has a better collection.

Our assignment was to pick out a favorite painting and write about it. There were basic questions about who painted it, when they were born, what story does the painting tell, and so on. I picked a piece, bought the postcard with its likeness, and came home to research. That's when I found out there was practically nothing written about my artist, and literally nothing written about this painting.

I don't think that my article is in any way professional. In fact, I wish that someone who knew art better than I do had written something already. But since it hasn't been done, at least on the internet, I figured I was obligated to post the following piece. You'll see the Swedish version as I originally wrote it, and for those who are curious I translated it to English as well.

This is not an attempt to impress you all with where my Swedish writing is at this point. That's just an added bonus. The truth is that it was really no trouble to put something online about this artist in case someone in this neck of the world is ever interested.

Finally, if any of you are wondering what happened to my promise to post a new story, be assured that it is coming. School has gotten very busy lately, and I just haven't had time to do anything else. We're over halfway through the semester, though, and there's going to be another week off coming up soon. So hopefully it won't be much longer now before I can publish the first part of the story. Hugs and kisses one and all.

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